Premium-Quality THC Topicals For De-Stressing; Buy Now In Colorado

If you’re looking for premium-quality THC topicals, you can count on High Country Healing in Silverthorne, Colorado; check out our inventory now and take your picks!

For most people, their daily after-work bath is a therapeutic experience. There is just something about warm and fragrant water that just washes away anxiety and stress. Why not kick things up a notch with THC bombs and other THC skin care products from our dispensary menu?

High Country Healing offers the best bath bombs to help you forget your day-long stress in a pinch. If you were searching for “THC lotions near me” on Google, your search ends now because we have everything you need and more!

Stop into the shop for the full experience of our THC shatter skincare products!

Let’s Take A Look At The Benefits Of THC Topicals

The benefits of THC bombs are all too apparent, and you can experience this firsthand. If you’re looking for the best products Colorado has to offer, you’re in luck because we have an extensive collection of all-natural CBD lotions with THC on sale.

But before we discuss your options, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using THC-derived topicals, bath oils, and other skincare products:

  • They help you relax and de-stress with your daily bathing sessions.
  • You can couple them up with Epsom salt to tackle muscle soreness.
  • They also work well as skincare products, moisturizing and easing skin conditions.
  • Our THC creams can help with joint aches too.
  • The soothing aroma of bath bombs and bath oils also has a therapeutic effect.
  • They let you de-clutter your mind.

Take A Look At Our THC Topicals & Skincare Options!

Overall, the THC bath bomb reviews for our highly sought-after companies have been overwhelmingly positive. If you’re looking for quality skincare products in bulk for your beauty, skincare, and de-stressing needs, things don’t get any better than what we offer at High Country Healing. 

Pair that with one of our topicals, your body will not be able to thank you enough!

Here are some of our most popular bath oils, bath bombs, THC creams for pain, and other skin care products:

  • Mary Janes – Bath Bomb 150mg THC/CBD
  • Coda Bath Bomb Calm 15mg THC/CBD, a lavender-scented delight
  • Coda Bath Bomb Balance 15mg THC/CBD, a rose-scented delight
  • Mary Jane’s – Lip Bong
  • Mary Jane’s – Nano Salve .3oz
  • Mary Jane’s – Nano Salve 3.3oz
  • Mary’s Medicinals – The Formula Transdermal Salve 1:1:1 CBD/THC/CBG
  • High On Love Sensual Bath oil
  • Escape Artists – Cream Lavender 1:1 300:300 CBD/THC
  • Escape Artists – Cream MINI – Rose, and Bergamot CBD/THC
  • Escape Artists – Cream Unscented 1:1 300:300mg CBD/THC
  • Aliviar – Scented Cream
  • Aliviar – Sport Cream
  • Aliviar – Unscented Cream

If you’re looking for the best THC cream for pain, just let us know the specifics, and we’ll help you pick a product that best suits your needs!

What Is The Difference Between THC Topicals And THC Transdermals?

When comparing topicals vs transdermals, the penetration depth is the main aspect we look at. Topicals, as the name suggests, relieve the top layers of skin. CBD and THC topicals can help ease certain skin conditions. Transdermals, on the other hand, offer a much deeper relief. They penetrate the deeper tissues of the dermis and offer extended pain relief. 

Buy The Most Premium THC Topicals From High Country Healing!

We at High Country Healing offer the finest legal marijuana bath products, other skincare products, tinctures, flowers, concentrates, vapes, weed edibles, THC cookies, and so on.

If you’re looking for the ultimate marijuana dispensary store with a professional and educated staff that knows what they’re selling, be it a THC cream for nerve pain or some other skincare product, reach out to us!

We have physical locations in Silverthorne and Avon, but we also serve the following areas:

  • Breckenridge, CO
  • Colorado Spring, CO
  • Copper Mountain, CO
  • Georgetown, CO
  • Dumont-Lawson-Downieville, CO
  • Frisco, CO

We can help you pick THC topicals and other products that will work best for your personal needs. Stop by our Silverthorne store to get the best customer service Summit County offers! Voted best of the summit since 2017!


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