High Country Healing is a recreational cannabis dispensary in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

BEST OF SUMMIT 2017 – 2023

Voted Best Dispensary in Summit County 7 Years in a Row!

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Recreational Dispensary in Summit County, CO

Our recreational cannabis dispensary has some of the best Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains Colorado has to offer. At High Country Healing we pride ourselves on knowledge and want you to feel confident and informed when purchasing from our store. We are always happy to answer your questions about our carefully curated selection of products to ensure you have an enjoyable experience with cannabis. Stop in to see us and learn about the benefits!

Meet Our plants

Visit our stores to see the plants grow live! Also you’ll have the opportunity to pick your own bud!

What Sets Us Apart From All The Others

Show Grow

Floor-to-ceiling glass in our reception area allows visitors to see the plants growing & take photos.

Top Quality Staff

Our dedication to customer service is something we take pride in. We want you to feel well-informed and never rushed along.

Information Driven Shop

Our staff works constantly to stay up-to-date on the latest products and research so we can pass the knowledge along to you.

In-House Genetics Company

Silvy Stash, our in-house genetics company, works to continuously create new genetics and strains to please your palate.

Strawberry Fields

Total THC Content:
Flavor Profile: Flower
The strong fruity tones of this strain makes it instantly sell. The uplifting happy attitude keeps it flying off the shelves!


Total THC Content:
Flavor Profile: Flower
This ultra heady sativa can make you think of a thousand things in a second, or stick you on one idea for 3 hours. Incredible creative thinking power and a delicious sweet piney taste.

Summit Sweet Skunk

Total THC Content: 24.6%
Flavor Profile: Flower
Makes you feel like a 5 year old running through a sprinkler. Care free high and bulletproof attitude.

Candy Apple Kush

Total THC Content: 24.6%
Flavor Profile: Flower
Smells like a granny smith apple in a sweat sock. Sweet and tart flavor accommodates a relaxing body high without being too heavy.

Tang x Flo

Total THC Content: 17%
Flavor Profile: Flower
This strain tastes like it smells even on the last hit of the joint! Strong tangerine flavors keep you uplifted and social in any situation.

Tony Snow

Total THC Content:
Flavor Profile: Flower
A sweet peppery flavor that gives you a nice cerebral hed high without the over thinking. This sativa dominant hybrid has some relaxing body effects as well.