Discover Premium Cannabis In Colorado At High Country Healing

High Country Healing specializes in growing the widest variety of cannabis strains to offer you high-quality flower that meets even the highest expectations

High Country Healing is a recreational cannabis dispensary that strives to produce the highest quality flower grown in a high-altitude mountain environment. We search for very specific traits while pheno-hunting our genetics. These include but are not limited to: potency, terpene results, nug structure, and visual appeal. When it comes to watering, pruning, and feeding with Athena nutrients, each plant receives individual attention from our experienced growers. We never use bug sprays or other harmful chemicals during our cultivation process. Instead, we have state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to have total control over our environment so we can produce cannabis that is smooth, rich, and full of flavor.

Our team of well-trained budtenders has learned many traits about cannabis to guide you through our strains so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs. When you visit our store you get an up-close and personal look at our plants through the floor-to-ceiling glass of our show grow, located right in the lobby. Watch as our plants go through their flowering cycle and learn about what it takes to grow the plant we all know and love.

We’ve perfected the art of growing cannabis in the mountains

At our recreational cannabis dispensary we differentiate between five main types of cannabis profiles. Our five categories of flower include: Yellow label Sativas, Blue label Sativas, Purple label Indicas, Red label Indicas, and Green Label CBD strains. Our cultivation team takes great care in choosing unique flavors and smells, while using test results from a MED certified lab when choosing a phenotype. With this extensive knowledge and separation between strains, you can be sure that even as a first-timer you will be walking out educated, and with the right strain for your desires!

  • Yellow Label Sativas: reported to give clear focus and lots of physical energy to help users feel motivated to go about their daily activities. 
  • Blue Label Sativas: cerebral and stoney, these strains might make you feel a bit more spacey, but you’ll still feel energized. You can expect a desire to socialize and a case of the giggles. 
  • Purple Label Indicas: relaxing and mellow while still retaining the ability to function. Ideal for winding down at the end of the day while chatting with friends or watching a movie.
  • Red Label Indicas: heavy and sedative, these strains will have you feeling lethargic. Consumers report usage to aid pain relief and sleep issues.  
  • Green Label CBD: ranging from very low to mid-range percentages of THC, these strains are grown with a focus on CBD content. They produce a Zen-like atmosphere and are highly sought after for their therapeutic benefits. These are reported to include, but are not limited to: reduction in epileptic episodes, inflammation, anxiety, swelling, and promotion of bone growth. 

Our Cannabis

Our plants are rigorously monitored, shaped, pruned, fed, and watered to optimize the genetic potential of each our varietals.