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Shop for the Best Quality Weed Joints in Colorado

Pre-rolled joints are convenient and affordable, and many people enjoy them. As one of the best CBD suppliers in Colorado, we provide all kinds of joints, including blunts and spliffs.

Other Joints

A joint, also known as a "doobie" or "jay," is cannabis rolled to look like a cigarette. Many people wonder how much weed is in a joint. Although it averages between 0.25 grams to 0.1 grams, there is no exact answer. We have a well-stocked dispensary menu at our shops for you to choose your favorite blunt or spliffs for your enjoyment.

There are many types of weed joints, including blunts and spliffs. The type of paper you use to roll a joint makes a big difference in how it will smoke and taste. Some papers have a more prominent flavor and burn slower with thick smoke. Others come with branded flavors combined with cannabis for a unique taste. Ultimately, your personal preferences determine the kind of paper that is most suitable for the joint you smoke.

Check out the CBD joints for sale on our marijuana dispensaries menu. You have to be over 21 to buy anything.

All About Joint Smoking: Effects of Weed Joint on Your Body

A sense of calm and relaxation is almost always the immediate effect joint smoking gives users. Weed is often reported to ease chronic pain and help treat some side effects of certain cancers. Because of marijuana's bad rap, many people don't know that joint smoking is much safer than drinking alcohol.

Here are some basic rules about how to smoke a weed joint:

  • Let the roller light the joint
  • Take two puffs, then pass the joint to the left
  • Don't wet the joint (nobody wants to taste your saliva)
  • Ash the joint before passing

Pros and Cons of smoking weed joint


Dry mouth

Helps with insomnia

Bloodshot eyes

Eases chronic pain

Not suitable for depression 

Helpful for epilepsy

Can cause movement imbalance

Reduces anxiety and PTSD

Increased appetite

Treats inflammatory bowel disease

Slows down coordination

What are CBD Pre-Rolled Joints?

What is a pre-roll? Pre-rolls are joints that were rolled in advance. Stores like ours offer CBD pre-rolled joints because they are affordable, discreet, and small. This is the best option if you are an occasional smoker who needs a smaller dose of cannabis to relax.

If you're not into a pre-rolled joint, you can always roll your own and keep them in a joint box for weed. If you don't know what to do and are wondering how to roll a joint, here's a short guide to get you started.

  • Prepare the weed. Grind the cannabis finely to get it ready for rolling.
  • Create a crutch. Keep in mind that the thickness of your crutch will also define the thickness of your joint.
  • Fill the paper with weed and ensure the glue strip is facing down. Pick the paper up using both hands, then roll it back and forth to create a smooth shape.
  • Line it well and glue the strip down to the edge of the herbs.
  • Pack your joint using a pen.
  • Light and enjoy!

Pre-Rolled Weed Joints for Sale in Colorado

If you don't feel like rolling the joint on your own, there is no need to worry. Check our website and walk into any of our brick-and-mortar shops and get your joint box with weed:

  • Silverthorne, CO
  • Avon, CO
  • Alma, CO


    Chelsea Lloydd

    Visited this dispensary while on holiday with my family. The service was exceptional, the people were so nice and the product was divine. They also have some really cool merchandise. Can't wait to come back here in future.

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      Ronnie Chiasson

      By far the greatest experience I have had at any dispensary, nay.. at any store, I have ever been to. These people KNOW what they are doing and they are extremely helpful and kind and grateful for everything. I would go to these guys and girls every single day because it's not just about the product they sell, which I may say is the BEST, but it's all about the service to others, which they are hands down a 100 out of 10 in! Don't miss out here, if you are in Colorado then this is the place to go!! Love them and will be back again literally any time I am in here!! Much love!!

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        Blaine Knox

        Good prices, even better people! Very helpful. Waiting area is damn near the best part of the experience!

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          Christian Zimmerman

          Have a great experience every time I come in, the staff are wonderful and the product is always top notch. Kathleen is very knowledgeable, always ready to answer my questions, and spot on with her recommendations! I'm sure I'll be coming back often!

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            Victoria Green

            Great dispensary! Very convenient location, waiting area was big enough with plenty seating, bud was on point. Definitely recommending to anyone staying in the area!

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              Absolutely amazing customer service. Such nice people and incredible selection of buds. They really hooked me up with splitting up a few buds. Defiantly recommend to anyone looking for some good products!

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                Carla Bamesberger

                Everyone we spoke to was pleasant and helpful. The prices were good, and I loved their labeling system! They also have some sweet merchandise. Those mugs are the coolest mugs I've seen in a while. Our bud tender was very knowledgeable and helpful. I plan on returning when we drive through the area in future.

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                  Annie Lasek

                  HCH is the spot! These employees are amazing. Super helpful & educated. We are locals and we will be visiting here the next time we come to Dillon! Make sure you check them out ♥️

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                    Brandon Bloomston

                    Love this place and frequent it! Matthew was super kind and helpful. Ask about their ice cream sandwiches 😋

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                      Danylle Hammett

                      Hands down the best dispensary in Colorado!!! If there is a line when you arrive, WAIT! There’s a reason everyone wants to shop here! Amazing customer service, in house organically grown cannabis, and an extensive concentrate selection! If you like edibles too you’re in luck! Matt and both Joes are always super helpful and knowledgeable! So much love for this place! 10 star!

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                        KiKi B

                        Best bud in Colorado. Real funk clear high that lasts. If you traveled here don't get cheap and smoke garbage! Remember what you pay back home for weed! High Country Healing grows their buds in organic soil in small batches very fine Cannabis!!

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                          Christopher Lonergan

                          Visited HCH on a weekend snowboard trip with some friends. James was very professional at the desk, informing us of current promotions & deals. They have a nice selection that is sure to meet your needs.

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                            Alyson Visnov

                            By far the best customer service! All of the employees are extremely helpful and happy! They made this experience the best! Highly recommended

                            View more
                              Dyana Keola

                              Felt really welcomed and relaxed from the minute we walked in! The vibes were cool. Their display is very dope. Would recommend 10/10. Great service! :)

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                                Alex Allen

                                Awesome place. Had a grow room which I’d never seen in a dispo. Highly recommend.

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                                  Emily Randell

                                  Out of all of the dispensaries I have been to in Colorado this one was by far the best. The customer service was exceptional. I like how they have the plants growing in a display that you can view before you enter the restricted area.

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                                    Tom Keyes

                                    Great service from Mathew! Very knowledgeable. I will definitely be back!

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                                      Jordan Berry

                                      High Country Healing is the OG Summit Country dispensary. Great spot for some killer flower, wax or concretes. Had them as my caregiver in 2014 for med, now just hit the rec side but still good prices and quality! CHECK THEM OUT. Ask for Bobby he will hook you right up!

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                                        katie Bergeron

                                        Loved there atmosphere and the selection. Great vibes and helpful staff. Thanks Zach, James and Hunter!!

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                                          David Ziebart

                                          Y’all are the best thing the county. Always friendly, super knowledgeable, and top of the line products! Great store

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